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Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Inspiring moments

Today as I picked up my Derby Telegraph from the door mat I noticed a small advert asking us to tell them about our heroes.

Turning to page 25 I was met with a call to celebrate the people we share our wonderful city with.
With several categories to choose from I began to wonder who would get my vote?

What qualities do these people have and how can I learn from them to become more inspiring myself.

Sometimes the smallest of gestures can brighten a whole day.

A great example being: someone I work with today helped someone with directions. To accompany a thank you they added ' you have a lovely smile'

The impact those simple words had were far greater than the effort it took to say them.

If we took the time to say the little things more often how would that shape the rest of someones day?

What would be the impact of taking the time to recognise someone as your hero and celebrating that?

Take a look here at the conditions

Derby Community Champions


Until tomorrow

Take care

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