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Monday, 2 March 2015

A new make

Monday comes around so quickly, too quickly for me so I would like to rewind back to the weekend and share with you a project I have made to support my selling ventures.

I have started to make earrings, mostly due to the magpie in me that loves all things shiny.

My goal is to sell my earrings at local craft fairs, to fund my habit further.

Displaying the finished product gave me an opportunity to draw on my love for paper and ink.

I have had a little wooden house for a while and not been sure what to do with it. I enjoy making pretty things but prefer not to have too much stuff around the house.

Inspiration struck and I decided to use my house to showcase some of my earrings.

My lovely husband bought me this blank house for Christmas on one of our rare visits to the Indigoblu shop in Retford

This is what it looks like when covered with a coat of gesso, white acrylic paint, stamped with a flourish and lined with pretty papers.

I had great fun making it and attached springs to the 'ceiling' using a glue gun to hang each earring.
This makes it so easy to add different earrings and to dismantle between sales.

Choosing which earrings to put into each section will be tough, some of the smaller earrings may get lost in the patterns.

What do you think?

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