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Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Making a little more sense of it all

Today marks the day that my amazing Dad died a few years ago.
We spoke almost everyday and I relished being able to share all the things I was doing. With this in mind I celebrate the day he died by doing something either unusual or challenging myself.

A few weeks ago I attended a coaching at the end of life study day. What I took away from that among many things was the notion that when people are dying they consider the things that are important to them. It's  fair to say that the stuff that gets on our nerves doesn't seem to matter anymore. We can learn so much from people who are dying.

This is me and my Dad

We don't have a bucket however, if we did I would like to consider that we filled it with his focus, determination, courage and drive. I always remember we used to sit with the people we didn't know to learn from them. "What can our club tell us that we don't already know, let's sit with the Italians instead"

Today I applied that courage and coached a master coach in front of others. 

The actual event may not have been my finest hour however, I came away feeling brave, courageous and driven to improve.

Thank you Claire for the opportunity and thank you Dad for my values and beliefs.

Take care