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Sunday, 24 November 2013

Indigoblu challenge.....lest we forget.

Having enjoyed last months challenge I thought I would have a go at this months.

I decided to make a card, although this wasn't my first choice.
I originally got some air dry clay and stamped the poppy image into it, complete with coloured ink. I then cut it out with a cookie cutter and made a hole in the top. The idea was to make a pendant however, the ink didn't keep its sharp colour and it bled into the clay.


The card I made is 6x6 white with red and black mat and layering.
The main image was made using super smooth card.
I masked around the edges to get a crisp border, then stamped my sentiment and two poppies.
The zentangle art was then added. I left a small border around each stamped image to make it easier to pick out of the patterns.
The first card I made didn't have a sentiment however, I remembered the Alice in wonderland stamps and liked the idea of....if you can see the poppies then you will understand their meaning.

The finished card you see here is take 2 of my first attempt at zentangle art.

My sore fingers are testament to the concentration and time its taken. What a great way to spend a Sunday.


Monday, 11 November 2013

Chocolate orange

As an avid fan of all things Indigoblu, I decided to have a go at one of their blog challenges.

Since I have loads of cards I decided to use one of the folk hearts I have had for a while.

The theme is chocolate orange.


Indigoblu MDF medium folk heart
Indigoblu A5 stamps 'Enjoy life' & 'Blooming great'
Indigoblu acrylic paints 'Burning bonfire' & 'Hot cocoa'
Indigoblu mega flakes 'Copper kettle'
Martha Stewart punch 'Cosmos'
Silicone glue
Tiny orange & brown brads, pearl beads, gold gems, orange fine glitter
and a length of gold coloured chain.


I painted the heart in orange paint. Once dried I mixed a dab of brown paint with some Kroma crackle. The layer of Kroma crackle was applied quite thick so as to make a nice deep crack in the finished item. Slap it on was then applied to seal and stop the cracking process.

I painted some orange card stock with the brown paint, using different brush strokes. I also stamped on the orange card to add interest before punching out the flower shapes.

The sentiment was stamped with flitterglu and finished with mega flakes. I cut the words 'Making Daisy Chains' into individuals.

Using a head pin and assorted pearls I made the embellishment to hang at the bottom of the gold chain. The punched flowers are attached to the chain and the chain then feeds through the hole at the top of the heart to make a loop in which to hang.

To finish I ran some flitterglu around the edges and rubbed in some ultra fine orange glitter.

Once everything was stuck in place I think I have quite a nice decoration that's a little bit different.

Taking a photo that does this piece any justice was really difficult. In 'real life' it looks very shiny and the crackle looks like a rich chocolate with a hidden tangy centre.