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Saturday, 12 November 2016

A tree is born

So with all the Christmas sales I have been doing recently and Etsy, my Swarovski Christmas trees have gone like hot cakes!

Luckily I bought some more supplies and thought I would share with you how they start their journey.

6 individual Swarovski crystals make each earring, along with a sterling silver headpin to feed the crystals onto. They are all finished with a sterling silver earring hook.

Each individual tree layer is made from a flower shaped crystal, starting at 12mm wide they reduce down in size to 6mm.

Here you can just see the headpin that runs up through the middle of all the flowers, base and red topping. The hook at the top is where the earring is attached.

These are the finished earrings, they are so sparkly!

You can buy them HERE in the Etsy shop

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