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Sunday, 24 November 2013

Indigoblu challenge.....lest we forget.

Having enjoyed last months challenge I thought I would have a go at this months.

I decided to make a card, although this wasn't my first choice.
I originally got some air dry clay and stamped the poppy image into it, complete with coloured ink. I then cut it out with a cookie cutter and made a hole in the top. The idea was to make a pendant however, the ink didn't keep its sharp colour and it bled into the clay.


The card I made is 6x6 white with red and black mat and layering.
The main image was made using super smooth card.
I masked around the edges to get a crisp border, then stamped my sentiment and two poppies.
The zentangle art was then added. I left a small border around each stamped image to make it easier to pick out of the patterns.
The first card I made didn't have a sentiment however, I remembered the Alice in wonderland stamps and liked the idea of....if you can see the poppies then you will understand their meaning.

The finished card you see here is take 2 of my first attempt at zentangle art.

My sore fingers are testament to the concentration and time its taken. What a great way to spend a Sunday.



  1. Oh my days, you must have sore fingers and goggle eyes after all that work !!
    P xx

  2. Wow, fabulous Sam. I bet you did have a sore fingers...hope you rested them around a cool glass of wine afterwards!
    How clever to remember the Alice stamp....I never would of thought of that.
    Kay xx

  3. Wow! this is stunning ... what a labour of love. Thanks for joining in with the IndigoBlu challenge ..... good luck! Linda xx

  4. What a work of art, beautiful zentangling! (Is that a word?) Good luck with your IB entry. Nikki K. xx